What to Expect as a Participant

After volunteering for a clinical trial you’ll go through a series of steps to ensure you match the requirements and to help you make an educated decision about proceeding.


The research team will first schedule an appointment to learn more about you and provide more details about the trial. This includes the trial’s purpose, the potential benefits and risks, the length of your participation, and an overview of the procedures. Not everyone will be eligible to join the study and your participation could end at this point if you do not qualify.

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What to expect as a Parent or Caregiver

Family decisions about children and healthcare can be extremely delicate. While the reasons and steps for enrolling your child in a study are similar to enrolling yourself, it’s understandable there may be a deeper level of anxiety.

Time and Monetary Investment

Due to the wide variety of interventions and conditions, all trials have different timelines. Before enrolling, the research team will outline the specific amount of time you will be participating. It could be only a few months or a few years, depending on the condition, intervention duration, and study requirements.

In general, trial participants do not pay extra out-of-pocket costs for an intervention in a clinical trial. However, there are still routine patient care costs and coverage varies between insurance plans. Some participants may be responsible for copays and payments toward a deductible. And trials do not always cover expenses like travel, housing, transportation, parking, or meals. You will learn more about these factors during pre-trial screening.

Common Concerns